Nadal Takes Aim At Fourth-Straight French Open Title, Eighth Overall

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It is less than a week away now, and after watching the latest installment in the Federer-Nadal rivalry unfold, online sports betting tennis fans are looking forward to what is in store at Rolland Garros. The best in the world are set to compete in one of the four Masters’ titles, and after watching Rafael Nadal dominate Roger Federer in straight-sets at the 2012 Rome Masters, it is hard to bet against him. Nadal dominated what was expected to be a blockbuster final at Rome, taking the match 6-1, 6-3 to secure another ATP Tour win. Nadal has already earned three-straight French Open titles and three in a row heading in to this event, but if Rome was any indication, Federer will not be his biggest obstacle. Novak Djokovic continues to stay positive about his chances heading in to the 2013 French Open, and will likely give Nadal his biggest challenge.

Nadal is the 8/11 sports betting favorite to win this match, and that number speaks for itself. The Spaniard has dominated on clay court throughout his career, and when healthy he has had no problem going up against the best at Roland Garros. Nadal’s streak of four-straight French Open titles from 2005-2008 made him a lock at the event, and despite not being able to compete at the highest level in 2009, Nadal bounced right back to win the last three French Opens. His win at Rome is proof that he is healthy and playing at a high level, and that makes it hard to bet against the King of the clay court.

The one opponent that could make it tough on Nadal is Djokovic, who is listed at 15/8 odds. There is no denying that Nadal deserves to be the favorites, but even when healthy Djokovic might be able to challenge him. There is also the chance that Nadal actually does suffer an injury in the tournament and is forced to withdraw, which is why the online sportsbook number for Djokovic is where it is. Djokovic conceded a 6-2, 5-2 lead to Tomas Berdych in a shocking result at Rome, and will be playing with a tremendous sense of urgency as he attempts to bounce back.

As for the final of the top contenders, it is hard to bank on Federer on this type of surface at this point in his career. Federer is listed at 16/1 odds, and considering his lack of success against the big guns on this surface and his age it is difficult to think he will win this tournament. There is some excellent value on a couple of sleeper picks including David Ferrer at 33/1 odds and Juan Martin Del Potro at 40/1 odds, but right now the bookies agree that this is a two-player fight with the likelihood that either Nadal or Djokovic will come out on top, with Nadal’s dominance at this tournament separating him at the top as the favorite.

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A Very British Open Preview

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The British Open has a way of bringing out the very worst in the very best golfers. The online sportsbook experts consider the U.S. Open to be child’s play next to the British Open. The reason is that real links golf is about as unpredictable as golf can get. A player who is just a few inches off on his driving could spend the entire tournament hacking his ball out of thick straw instead of playing well-designed approach shots. The bunkers in links golf are the stuff that nightmares are made of.

This year, The Open is being played at Muirfield in Scotland. This is a great links course that offers more than enough challenges for any pro golfer to sustain. The betting sites always like to stick with the player who shows the most consistency throughout the year, which is why an old favorite is expected to win the Claret Jug by the time this is over.

Tiger Woods (Odds: 8 to 1)

The sports betting experts are not going to fall for the Tiger Woods trap again as they did with the U.S. Open. Leading into this year’s U.S. Open, Tiger Woods was confident and playing the best golf he has played in the past few years. When the tournament was over, Tiger was not even a top 10 finisher and his disappointment was felt around the golfing world. The pundits are not falling for it again at the British Open, so do not look for too many betting experts to take Tiger to win.

Justin Rose (Odds: 18 to 1)

At some point, Justin Rose has got to start stringing together wins and making a public name for himself on the PGA Tour. He has way too much talent to not be a household name by now. But when it comes to links golf, Rose’s fairway play usually abandons him. He should place well in this tournament, but he will not walk away the winner.

Phil Mickelson (Odds: 18 to 1)

This is Lefty’s tournament to lose. Mickelson has been playing well all season and has been challenging tournament leaders all summer long. It looks like that short game which he is so famous for has finally come back to him and that will be a critical tool in winning the British Open.

Graeme McDowell (Odds: 22 to 1)

If you think that Phil Mickelson may choke on the pressure of the British Open, then take Graeme McDowell to win. McDowell has been placing high in tournaments all over the world this year and he looks to challenge for the Claret Jug in this year’s British Open.

The Bottom Line

Take Phil Mickelson to win this year’s British Open and you can also take him to lead the third round as well. Mickelson just seems pointed towards a win at Muirfield and he could dispel a lot of demons if he could hold onto a British Open lead and win the Claret Jug.

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Is It Attractive When Guys Dress Like This? (Girls Only Please)

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I wear Toms, Cut-off Shorts. with a v-neck and an ankle bracelet. Is it attractive when a guys dresses like that?

He’s not gay, but his boyfriend is.

No! It would look attractive to another boy, if you know what I mean.

Maybe not cut off shorts and the ankle bracelet. Try some khakis. Girls love V-necks, athletic shirts, but not really guys in short frayed shorts. Knee-length khakis, jeans, and athletic shorts are a safe bet. Also, toms are cool, so are vans, converse, and tennis shoes.

No cutoffs shorts toms are hot though, try maybe board shorts or jeans.. Whatever you do please don’t sag. The ankle braclet is also a little strange

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Is swimming really such a bad sport

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I’m a swimmer and I’m very good for my age. I am fast and very supportive of my team . So I was talking to some of my friends at school about the meet I had that week end and people start saying that swimming not a sport it sucks and u do nothing but swim back and forth. Really most of the ppl that don’t really pay attention to the Olympics know one of the most famous ppl in it . Michel phelps . A swimmer ! So how is it not a sport if its in the olymipics !??

Your friends are giving you a bunch of garbage and doing what they can to get you upset.

First, the definition of a sport is: an activity that involves physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others. Thus, BY DEFINITION swimming competitively is a sport. If swimming is not a sport than neither is track or tennis or football.

Second, most swimmers not only swim. Most swimmers lift weights in some form, too.

Finally, if they think that swimming is so “wimpy” as all you do is swim back and forth, then ask them to put their “money where their mouth is” and bet them a meal at your favorite restaurant that they cannot complete even one of your practices.

BTW … Competitive swimming is not only in the Olympics, it was one of the very first Olympic sports.

I doubt that this information will stop your ‘friends’ from trying to get you upset. This type of thing has been going on forever. Just keep telling them to make the bet. Probably even better way to get them is to give them a wave of your hand and then ignore them.

Ya those people are dumb. Haha at my school, we kind of have that issue with the wrestling team. Neither team thinks the other is really a sport. But then ask them this, if swimming is not a sport, is track a sport? Because it is basically the same thing, except in the water. Swimming takes a lot, and is one of the best sports to get you in shape. It requires practice, and physical ability just like any other sport. It probably actually requires more. Not all sports involve some kind of ball or physical contact. It is a sport. Do not let others tell you otherwise.

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Will Henman hill at Wimbledon be Murray hill now..

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I’ve never been a fan of Tim Henman. But surley Andy now deserves the hill title as not only did he get to the final, but won it. I find Henman boring and what was he on about with the swan and breaking your arm if your a child. Bet he wont give up the hill title easily, but he should as it has taken 77 years for a british tennis champ to arrive. And thats not Henman….

Murray mountain if it happens…

Last year the were calling it Murray Field

I believe they’ve been calling it Murray Mound on and off since Murray became British number one. Someone did suggest in this years coverage that it be called Laura’s Lump but that sounded a bit insulting

It should stay as Henman Hill. It represents the hope and expectation of breaking that barren run.

Henman still deserves at lot of respect for giving Brits real hope…..they were still good times when Henman was trying to win Wimbledon.

Its been murray mount/mound for ages now.
Hebman hill just caught on
It was aslo rudeski ridge at one point as well

It’s been called Murray Mount for a while now by anyone who wants to.

Don’t think the England Lawn Tennis Club who run Wimbledon will agree to such a change!
However who cares Andy was magnificent and his Country loves him.
In regard to name change Andy stands now to become a very wealthy sportsman, I think it more likely for the Bank of England to undergo a name change and call itself Murray Mint. This was in times gone past the name of a popular confectionery sweet. Today’s victory had a wonderful taste!

It will always be Henman Hill
They will rename something else with Miraay

My vote goes to rename it as Andy Everest Mountain. Henman Hill is overrated and at best he was in a semi. I think UK needs to be called as Andy Land. If you want to change it my vote is there for Andy Land.

On both ESPN and Tennis Channel, at least, it’s been Murray Mound for some time now.

Now the Murray won, yes it should be Murray Mount

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how to help a 12 year old boy that is depressed

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My younger brother is really depressed. He used to play a lot of sports like hockey and soccer but he stopped recently. When he was in like grade 2 he did gymnastics and he was REALLY good at it. He was on a competitive gymnastics team with kids 4-5 years older than him. He started getting made fun of for doing it like kids calling him gay. So he stopped doing gymnastics and my mom was super upset cause she used to love watching him. Now he has like 2-3 friends that he talks to and he’s not really that close to them. He eats A LOT and is getting pretty chubby. All he ever does is play Call Of Duty. He said he wanted to start playing piano so my mom put him in piano lessons but he would never practiced so we stopped them. He doesn’t show interest in anything else and we don’t know what to do. Please help

Give him a hug, and find some sport for him to do. He seems to love sports and getting out. Get his rear outside and play some sport. Any sport. More than likely one with a team at his school would do him good.

Basketball? Baseball? Soccer or Hockey again? Even gymnastics. Or some martial arts.

He just needs to get outside with some friends and have fun..

Oh! something to boost his self esteem would greatly help him.

Encourage him to go back to gymnastics. If he was good at it then he’s probably physically a lot stronger than any kids that are going to call him gay. He could challenge them to a L-sit or straddle hold competition, preferably with lots of girls as spectators who will laugh at the bullies when they fail miserably. I bet that will put paid to their taunting. If you can’t get him to go back to gymnastics he might like taekwondo. It has a certain commonality in that it is very much about controlled movement but being a martial art probably won’t encourage the same displays of woeful ignorance from his peer group. Cross-fit might be worth a try too. It combines running, power lifting and gymnastics (mainly the conditioning type stuff.)

Also you may need to consider that given he was so upset by this mindless homophobic name-calling he possibly actually IS gay and that is why it got to him so much. In that case you need to find a way to let him know that it is OK, the world won’t collapse and the kids who were calling him gay probably just have small brains and a limited sense of humour It probably never even occurred to them that he actually might be gay and they probably won’t hate him for it if he is. I was looking after a group of kids once and one called another “gay” because he wouldn’t give him a tennis racquet. I was about to intervene when the first kid looking really puzzled said, “There’s nothing wrong with being gay you know.” The second kid said, “Yeah, I know,” and backed off. It was brilliant.

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Am I too late for the Summer Olympics

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Hey Everyone, my name is Michael, I’m 18 yrs old, and I’m 6’4. I have a dream ever since I was a little kid to be in the Olympics. However, with school and life, I never got the chance. Now is my big break, and my chance to make something big out of myself. I have a strong passion for swimming, tennis, cross country and track and field. I’ve been on various school sports for the above sports in the past. I’m athletic and I train hard. I give over 100% effort each time making sure I don’t come out in 2nd. The question is, can I still train for the Olympics? Is there a sport that I wouldn’t be too late to try out for, and possibly make the summer Olympics?? Thanks for the help and information!
Dream Big – Michael.

  • You do realize that being 6’4″ and athletic doesn’t automatically get you into the Olympics? You’re 6″ taller than Jamaica’s Yohan Blake, but I bet he’s faster than you.

    I suggest you pick a sport and focus on that. Enter a local swim meet / track meet / road race / tennis ladder and find out how you stack up against real competition. Before winning on a global level, what you do say you win on a local level?

    Realize this: At a national level, the competition will be people who have dedicated their lives to their craft. They’re about your age, but they’ve been training really hard for 10+ years, and they’re not about to let their Olympic dreams die without a fight. But hey, if you think you can be a Johnny-come-lately and smoke them all, by all means, do it.

  • The fact that you don’t even know what sport you want to do is a problem. These people have been doing what they do since they were 2-8 years old, and have been having proffesional training by the time they were 8. They moved so that they could train with the best coaches in the world, and they spend time at the gym and such for a minimum of 18 hours a week. They were homeschooled to make time for training, and they eat live and breathe their sport. These people are the best in the WORLD. Now if you think you can just pick up a sport and beat people who are doing this all their lives, good luck.
  • No ,you’re not too late if you got what it takes. Your goal seems a bit too lofty, but keep dreamin’ anyway.
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Im not loseing any fat in my body? someone help? :/

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I am 15 years old and i weigh 220 and im 5’5
I have been trying to lose weight for 2 months now last month i took a walk everyday and went swimming on weekands with friends. I live in Flroida so its very very hot here in the summer and i really dont like going outside because its just way to hot so ive been doing work outs inside like sit ups , push ups, etc. etc.

The foods i eat i have been eating alot of apples, bananas, salads and drinking ALOT of water like 2 big glasses of water everyday im cutting back on some of my fatty foods and i dont have any junk food just heathy stuff everyday.

Heres my problem….IM NOT LOSEING WEIGHT???!!! I dont know what im doing wrong?…ive been still the same weight after everything ive done i dont understand? i step on a scale and it eather stays the same or goses up by 2 pounds everyday…since the past week i have been thinking about starving myself and i know its very unhealthy but i just dont know what to do anymore?…. :/

try weight loss pills im on them

You need lots and lots of exercise! I understand you dislike the heat but that’s what will help you! The more you sweat and get your heart beating the more calories you will burn! Swimming a few times a day and walking won’t do much, and turn burn a lot of calories doing sit-ups, push-ups ect. You have to do many sets of them. Also, drink more water. At least 8 glasses a day, drink a glass before and after meals. The more water you drink the less hungry you will feel. Make a routine and start counting the calories you consume and you will definitely see an improvement!

Exercise is just one component of weight loss. A far bigger component is changing the way you eat.

Choosing the right foods is step one. Eating reasonable portions is step two.

It’s great that you’ve eliminated junk food, but simply cutting back on those fatty foods (which taste so good!) is not enough. They need to be removed from your diet, reserved for special occasions only.

Try this for one week, not cheating a single time, okay? Every day you have to eat 1500 calories and you cannot eat more than 1800 calories. You have to weigh or measure your portions and figure out the calories *before* you eat. Everything that goes in your mouth counts, even if it’s one peanut, a pat of margarine, or a half-stalk of celery. Look up counts at CalorieKing or LiveStrong, both free.

As you know, filling up on fruits and veggies is great, but the calorie limit is going to hit you with carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, peas, pasta, corn, bread, and crackers, and again with proteins.Make sure you have two servings of low-fat dairy daily. Drink your water. If you can, get a half hour of mild (or harder) exercise five days a week. (A walk in the cool of the morning?)

Portion control is vital here. If you cannot weigh or measure, go with carbs no bigger than a tennis ball and proteins no bigger than a deck of cards. An ounce of cheese is the size of a flash drive. Weigh baked goods, because a muffin or cookie can vary hugely.

You can have anything you want, but you have to count its calories and stay within your range. You can’t save calories from one day to use another day. Each day, you have to eat between 1500 and 1800, and you must weigh and measure everything, even if it’s used in cooking and not visible, like corn starch or frying oil.

I bet you will lose. And I’ll be proud of you when you do!

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Does betting on different outcomes of a match violate bookie rules

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For example if I were to bet on a tennis match that had 4/1 odds, then the odds happen swing the other way half way through the match and I put a bet on the other person so I’m guaranteed to profit..
It this not acceptable?

  • Its acceptable. Because the odds changed because of the way the match is played between the players. It could change in your favor, but it could not. You can bet on anything the bookie offers, anytime.
  • No, and it also doesn’t guarantee you a profit.
  • Of course it is acceptable it is what betting in play is all about,prices change very quickly but it is not so easy to decide what to do.For instance if you back Brazil tonight and they score an early goal or two do you back italy and draw for a guaranteed (small)profit or let it ride?
  • The only problem I can see is if you’re betting humongous sums and you violate a rule about how much you’re allowed to wager on a single event.

    If in any doubt, you could always place the second bet with a different bookie.

  • It’s perfectly legal to bet on both outcomes.
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Running shoes for cross country

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This summer and fall season will be the first time that I do cross country at my school. The only other sport that I’ve done, though, is tennis, so I don’t have any proper shoes for running. The tryouts are at the end of summer, right before school starts, and before then are pre-season practices to condition us. The coach told me that I could probably make the team, and I’m pretty determined to keep going to practices before tryouts. How much should I spend on shoes if I haven’t even made the team yet? Should I go ahead and get a really nice pair from Brooks or Asics?

Sorry the question’s a bit long! :)

If you’re really serious about running a lot then your probably going to want to get some good running shoes. Try checking out http://www.eastbay.com/ they have some pretty reasonably priced running shoes.

Best bet is to go to a proper running store and ask them to fit you with a pair of shoes that match the way your move your feet (called your gait).

If you are a mid-foot striker, I HIGHLY recommend the New Balance Minimus 10 Trail Running Shoes. These shoes will really help develop your feet and are the best shoes I have ever run in, bar-none.

Besides that, get a pair of Asics: but be sure to get a pair that matches your gait.

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