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So, I’ve been playing tennis for a while now. I have a friend who I occasionally play with just for fun. He used to always beat me but I improved a lot and started beating him not long ago. Last month I was abroad at a training camp and when I got back, he challenged me to a match, and we put huge bets on it. He is so confident that he is trying to mentally finish me now by acting like it is certain that he is going to win. I know him since I was little and he is the most stubborn person I’ve ever known. If he wants something, he just takes it. Anyways, we played a match. He got 2-0 ahead in games, then I catched him it was 2-2. Hovewer, he won the set 6-3. The second set I got the leat 3-1, then he made it 4-4 and we had a massive rainfall so couldn’t carry on playing.

We are going to start all over again tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock but I don’t think I can prepare as good as I did last time because it would be so early in the morning.

I want your advices, could be anything at all! Thanks a lot! :D

Hit to his backhand side as much as you can.

Don’t get involved in too much banter unless you can try and put him off. You could try something like when you hit a winner compare it to Fed, Nadal etc and when he hits a winner compare it to sharapova or another girl.

Make sure you warm up properly, eat good breakfast but not too much.

Mix it up, it you find he’s getting into a good rythem try throwing some high balls up or slices, anything to mix it up. If you’re going well don’t change your formula.

Have fun, don’t cheat

Break his leg before you go on court. That’ll mess up his game real good.

i think you are crap

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