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Who would win I have a friendly bet going on with my friend

Robin Haase vsRichard Gasquet

Please also post why

Robin Haase, the Dangerous Dutchman, definitely is a tough opponent. But I would say that Richard Gasquet probably has more of an edge over him, not only because he at a higher ranking, but also I feel that he’s generally a more consistent player.

So I would say Richard Gasquet :)

Gasquet, but only just.

There is no way that Haase wins today. There are several reasons for this.

1. Haase is currently in horrendous form, he has lost 9 of his last 10 matches!

2. Gasquet is currently in good form.

3. Even if they are both in good form the talent Gasquet has is too much for Haase.

4. Gasquet can still qualify for London so a good run in Basel will help that cause, and Haase has nothing really to play for here, no points to defend etc…

This is why the odds on Gasquet are stupid at like 1/6 or something.

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