My Mom Is Always On My Case About Food and My Weight

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Ok so i am 13 and my mom is always on my case about food and it is making me feel awful. So i am 110 pounds or less and 5 foot 3 inches, so yes I know I am kinda of big but I have a BMI of 19.5, which as I understand is a very healthy Bmi, so why do I look in the mirror and feel awful. I am not pretty at all and I feel huge it really brings me down. I have been struggling with my confidence a lot lately and it is all my mom’s fault. I mean I did 2 hours of gymnastics practice today straight at my gym but I still only get served a portion of pasta of 20 pieces of penne or less. It’s crazy! and when I go to the kitchen she says "don’t touch any of the food. Your the one who wants to look nice in a bikini. You don’t to become a big fat thing" I mean really! I cry in my room and hide food and eat it secretly. When I am on my own eating alone which is pretty typical because she is always out all day i eat normal portions and I play hockey once a week, gymnastics once a week, PE at school once a week and tennis once a week. It’s not as if I don’t do anything but eat. I feel as if she hates me. I should just starve myself till I am the size of one of those models. Please give me some advice on what to do. I am an A* Student in every subject and everyone says I am beautiful so why does my mom give me such a hard time. Help me
Thank You Guys All So Much For Your Support! You have made me smile just reading your words of encouragement. I can sleep without tears in my eyes because of you. God Bless You All!

Your weight is fine and I’m sure you look fine. Its wrong for your mom to be such a bitch, just ignore her whenever. Shes slowly creating a monster and you are the monster. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a full blown bulimic by 16. Jesus christ I hate people. Tell your mom to fuck off

Your mom is doing everything wrong. She needs to be sure that you eat a balanced diet, lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish.

You need to talk to her and see if she will go to counseling with you so that the two of you can get help with the weight, eating and exercise program. 5′ 3and 110 does not indicate that you are overweight at all, sounds about right for someone your age.

I think you should listen to your mother.

Seems you answered your own question here: ( problem) “I am not pretty at all and I feel huge it really brings me down” (solution) “I should just starve myself till I am the size of one of those models”.

Your mother is a nut job! She would think that i’m fat too! before i became pregnant i was 5’3″ and weighed 114 and i also wore a size 0 or a 00! That is very thin! Your mother has no right telling you that you’re not good the way you are! I bet your doctor would throw a fit at your mother for telling you to lose weight! Is your mother stick thin? It seems as though she’s taking her own eating disorder or fears out on you which is totally wrong! My parents told me to lose weight when i was 10 ( i was a bit chubby ) which turned into an eating disorder for me and it ruined my life as a teenager. Don’t listen to her BS i’d talk to your school guidance counselor because her behavior is unacceptable as a parent. When i read this at first i was thinking she may have been telling you that you don’t eat enough, which is what my mom told me before i got pregnant and was so thin. Talk to your dad about this, your grandparents, somebody! Your mother needs to be stopped before you develop an eating disorder which will ruin your teenage years and you’ll regret that later.

You need to talk to your counselor at school. Now! This person needs to pull your mother aside and let her know that what she is saying to you is inappropriate. Obviously your mom won’t listen to you so another adult needs to say it.

A healthy weight range for a female 5’3″ is 111 – 147 pounds depending on your frame size. You are right on the cusp of being underweight.

Oh my Gosh, honey, you’re more than normal for your age. You’re healthier than half the people in America! Don’t let your mom put you down. She obviously has problems, and maybe it goes back to when she was your age and was criticized maybe for something. I think you need to sit down with your mother and explain to her that the way she is acting is ridiculous and that it isn’t healthy. If anyone needs to fix a problem, it’s her. You are at a perfect weight for your age and height, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Eat normally, because the way your mother is treating you, it’s abuse. Don’t let the way she treats you affect you. She’ll regret the day she ever did it. Good luck and you ARE beautiful! You are what you think you are. :)

your mother is here to help take her advice and see what happens!

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