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Hi, I’m a Left Handed Intermediate Tennis Player, I honestly don’t know much about racquets specifics except for what I have at hand. I have the Midplus Wilson H-Rival, Length 27.50in, Head size 619cm2, 4 ½ Grip, with a Si of 5.0 and 60 tension because I like the feel of control rather than power. I also like to give a lot of Topspin so I use the Semi-Western Grip and lastly I use the One-handed Backhand. I bought my racquet a few months ago and I saw the improvement I made with it. Just recently now I feel like I could take the next step, however, my friends are advising me to get a new better racquet. So I’ve been trying to look up a few, and most of the ones that catch my eye are around $190. I don’t mind this prices, I just want to be sure I’m buying the right one when I go to the store. This is where hopefully you guys/gals can come in and help me out. I’ve always been using Prince and just now Wilson, however I’ve gotten a recent interest in Head. In general, I don’t know which one is best suited for me at this level. I have actually tried the Head Ti Instinct Comp that my friend has and lend it to me for a few minutes, I know it’s cheap (I can get it for $25!), but it felt good surprisingly, it had a lot of power + spin. I would like a recommendation for a Head brand if possible, however, I am more than open to Babolat, Dunlop and any other brand if you recommend it.

So what can you recommend for me? Thank you so much in advance. :)

Semi western.. is that the one you turn the racket 90 degrees so it’s all topspin? I bet the Head Ti Instinct Comp. is light at the head, that’s why you liked it so you can put the topspin easier. Light at the had is also easier to serve with.

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Racquets are more a personal choice because you can always adapted to how they feel when you get a brand new racquet it will feel strange but in time you will get used to it but it is never good to have a very heavy racquet as you can injure your wrist but i use a wilson k factor the old one and it is 304 grams but nicely balanced out so its got a lot of control with it and power will come along, it looks like you change brand and racquet quite a lot probably not such a good idea however that is up to you but try to stick to one racquet and maybe try out the wilson k factor you might like it.

I recommend using the demo program that tennis warehouse and tennis express have. Brand-wise, I recommend babolat, as it has provided me with much better performance than Wilson or head. I also play with a semi-western forehand grip. My backhand is two hands though.

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