What is the best light weight tennis shoe

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Im looking for a good ultra light weight with good cushioning and support and responsiveness tennis shoe. Im 5’8 140 pounds 15 year old male. I also have a wide forefoot so a shoe that has a wide forefoot would be the best.

Most of Asics shoes are light, but the best I can think about is Asics Gel Game 3 that are only 14.8 ounces for size 10.5. Since your feet is wider go for a 1/2 size larger.

normally light weight and cushioning don’t go together because lighter shoes tend to tear up more quickly. The best shoe in my opinion for cushion and support is the Prince T10s and they come with a six month warranty on most websites. They arent the lightest shoe but they arent blocky either. for what youre looking for this is your best bet.

I went with the Asics Gel Resolution 3 a year ago and I love them! I’m gonna get the Resolution 4 when this pair finally wears out.

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