Have you ever tried horary on football matches

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That would be soccer for you, yankees.

There was a site on geocities (I think it’s down now) where a Serbian guy explained the details for people with little knowledge like me.

The fun part is I tried it in 2008 when my knowledge was a lot less, but my interest in football a lot bigger, and I carefully followed the instructions there line by line (they were very reader-friendly).

There was this "opportunity for goal" thing, which didn’t mean there would be one for sure, but it was still an option. You know you can bet on actual score and that’s where the real money is. Some people seem to bring themselves extra money with it (I doubt it anyone makes a full living out of it.)

Anyway, the calculations are a lot and high level of precision is needed so it’s very time-consuming (not least of all because you have to convert the degrees and minutes into actual decimals).

I tried it on two matches altogether I think but the jaw-dropping moment I’ll never forget was a free kick in close proximity to the gate that happened one or two minutes before or after one of the times which showed ‘opportunity for goal.’ Later on, it turned out I hadn’t rounded the number properly so the timing was actually exactly the one shown in the chart with those calculations. They didn’t score and there’s no such thing as ‘opportunity for goal’ when you bet on matches but still you can take a chance (it’s betting after all) and win some big money.

I tried it on tennis matches once or twice, the time when Federer won Roland Garros after defeating Soderling who happened to have defeated Nadal before that (that was Federer’s only chance to win on clay (someone had to take Nadal out). I don’t remember how I phrased the question, but the answer showed one of the finalists could be from Scandinavia (Soderling is from Sweden) but he will lose.
Once we recovered a small piece of plastic that the horary said could be below something green if I’m not mistaken. We searched the house and actually opened a box that had a little bit of green on the cover. The piece had accidentally fallen inside. We would have never opened that box in particular without the horary. And I think that’s my experience so far.

  • Horary does not work well this way. Horary needs to have personal connection.For example, if you own the club , or was one of the players, this would work well. Yet this is like doing horary for an election …. and seldom do you get an accurate answer. Being a fan, is not personal enough. Of course you can try it, this is my experience.
    I have corporate accounts that I work just with horary. Interesting enough, unless it is the c.e.o. of that division, dept. the answers seldom make sense. I love horary and think this is one of the best ways to learn astrology, as the action is so in your face. Yet, it does have its limitations.
  • I have had very good results using horary charts to locate missing articles. Often, the horary advice is very specific and accurate.

    I have tried to determine winners of games, using horary charts. Also using event charts for the start of the game (using Joyce Wehrman’s guidelines). Either none of these work for me, or I just am not very good at it. Or both.

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