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So…my question is pretty hard to ask, but i was wondering…those tennis academies, pretty much all of them are connected to some pro players, right? So…let’s say a guy who never played a professional tennis decides to build one, in a country where tennis is not…let’s say the most popular sport, and there is no T.A-ies at all on the territory. How that is going to be accepted by…everyone pretty much? Are they going to say something like "This guy has no idea what he is doing and i bet it will suck to go there" ? Of course that the best coaches in the country will be found and signed and all that stuff, but still when someone who doesn’t really, oh whatever you know what i mean. :) And one really, really hard question – building a tennis academy is really expensive project, i made some researches and i know that is really hard, but still…the question is: One pretty much ‘ordinary’ one…will cost between? i am not here for a professional answer, just out of curiosity? I am talking pretty much just for the tennis aspects (not some kind of resorts included to the price). i know it’s really hard to say, and the question is dumb, but still as i said….just out of curiosity.
Thanx in advance! :)

I go to a tennis academy here in the u.s, and nobody gives a second thought to who owns the place just who is coaching. The reason tennis is not so popular in many countries is because they might not have that many good coaches and facilities. So if you open up an academy in another country it might take a while to get some students, but when you do more and more people will come seeing how much you’ve improved the players game.1 Hard court costs 20k to build and then their is the land cost depending on where you’re building it; the tennis academy I go to costed 10 million to build, but it is top of the line and has 35 tennis courts, and yields a great profit.

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