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Are Bye’s only given in ATP 250 events? Now that I think of it, i’ve never seen Bye’s in the 500,1000 series. And I thought it would be obvious that majors wouldn’t grant you them?

SO only in 250s?

No they are given in 250s, 500s, and 1000s. There are a lot of players that get byes in 1000s and there have been byes in every single 1000 I have watched (which I have watched every one for the past two years, and have also done the bracket challenge for them). Grand Slams are the only tournaments that you do not give byes, and that is because I don’t believe they are run by the ATP but instead are run by the ITF. If the ATP owned them then I bet there would be byes.

Tournaments give byes to reward the top players for playing more often. All ATP events offer their top players byes. The only tournaments that do not are the four grand slam tournaments.

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