Will the 2013 Roland Garros Grand Slam be hold at the same venue in Paris

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Yes, it has been held at that venue for some time now. I believe they have a contract with the stadium for the next few years, so it’ll be there for a while. I’m not sure why they would move, unless there were serious financial problems against both organizations…


Yes of course, why would it change? It’s not called the French Open for being held in Spain. They can’t change a Grand Slam’s location like that and it will probably stay this way for a few years. I don’t say it can’t change, but definitely not this year nor in the upcoming few years.


Yes, it will.

No, they decided to hold it on the other side of the universe this year.

You see, Paris gets a bit windy that time of year. But the OSOTU, no wind ! yay !

of course.

Yeah it will be held in Paris, I believe the stadiums and venues are on contract with the ATP and WTA, plus why would you change the venue? If any venue needs to be changed, it has to be the US Open, Monday finals are just absurd!

For the French Tennis Federation, that’s like asking if “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow?” . . . bet your bottom dollar, that come May 21st, for the world of tennis, the sun will shine on Roland Garros, in Paris, France.

It has, as it has been since 1928, the preeminent clay court grand slam tournament. Sure, there was some talk of moving the tournament sight, but that was all squashed last year when it was determine that the existing site could be expanded to accommodate a court with a roof and other modern upgrades.

Why? Are you keeping something from us?

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