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I know you shouldn’t wash it so often, because it dries your hair out and makes the relaxer not last at long. The thing is though, I’m a serious athlete so I swim 4x a week and I play tennis 4x a week. So I get extremely sweaty, and after I swim I need to use a clarifying shampoo after it. So I wash my hair about 4x a week, sometimes more. Is that fine for relaxed hair? Any other advice?

Shampoo & condition the hair as usual, every 4-7 days, but continue to trim off the damaged hair, allowing new growth to take over. Use GENTLE shampoo. Applying a small drop amount of oil to wet hair can also act as a leave-in conditioner and provides excellent conditioning in preparation for the next shampooing.

BTW: A variety of hair-straightening products used in professional salons can expose both hairdressers and their customers to formaldehyde. The results show that three professional hair-smoothing treatments labeled “formaldehyde free” can produce the cancer-causing chemical at concentrations above the occupational exposure limits set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They tested four products: Coppola Keratin Complex Blonde Formula, Global Keratin Juvexin Optimized Functional Keratin, La Brasiliana Escluso Keratin Treatment with Collagen, and Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution. While ChemRisk tested four popular brands of hair straighteners, THERE ARE HUNDREDS on the market. Nov. 11-11

By contrast, beauty salon owners and stylists generally lack a scientific background and don’t have a keen awareness of the danger of working with products that contain formaldehyde, experts say.

Watch: Good Hair a documentary by Chris Rock 2009 on BET or HBO. According to Tyra Banks, 80% of the black population are part of the billion dollar hair industry. Clips on youtube videos, also.

Chemicals can enter the body through the skin.

Google FDA.gov & search for Hair Dye & Relaxers.
Google: Hair Dye FAQ’s Are Hair Dyes Safe?

if your going to continue to swim as often you do i recommend you deep condition your hair at least once a week after you use a clarifying shampoo make sure you keep your hair moisturized because it make it extremely brittle. also maybe try a protective style while swimming like braids or a sew-in so you can take care of your hair and still have the versatility of styles to choose from. and if i were you i would try to stretch your relaxer.

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