What should I do about my neighbour who does not give the tennis balls back when it goes over the fence

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I have tennis balls and a basket ball that accedently went over the fence and her dog is always howling so loud i can hear it in the house with the doors and windows closed. I asked for the toys back because they are my dogs favourite toys and I love to play fetch with her with the tennis balls. When I asked if I could have them back because they had come over the fence she said who cares. She siad she does not have it yet I have seen her dog playing with them many times. What should I do?

  • B I t c h her out lol go get your stuff back lady!!! Or just throw trash over her fence everyday till she gives it back
  • Tell her if you ever accidentally throw your balls over her fence again without getting them back that you will call the cops.
  • Wrap yourself in bubble wrap. Get a water gun full of melted butter. Walk like a badass into their ysrd not givibg a,sibgle fuck. Spray the bitch and the dog if the try to stop you, you will also be protected from the buvble wrap. Take tge balls. Walk out and give your dog its balls back. Victory.
  • When she is out go out and play with your dog so she can see. Then ask for the dog toys again or just go get them
  • Its not her job to get your balls back. If you lose a ball you lose a ball. Deal with it. Dont make your problems hers.
  • just buy another ball and be more carful where it goes. revenge
    always creates more problems
  • Boy you are a real pain, thank goodness you are not my neighbor.
    Really learn to throw, and aim
    You have to be kidding though, it is not her fault at all that you throw the balls over the fence.
    I actually would NOT let my dog play with another dogs toys.
    I would just trash the toys in fear of spreading some germs to my dogs, especially from a stupid owner, who could not throw strait.
    How nervie you are to be mad at her for your problem. I’ll bet you are no more than 13 years old . If you are older….don’t admit to it. O.K.?
  • She doesn’t have to give them to you.
    They’re hers now.

    Buy new balls and quit throwing them over the fence.

  • Make an effort to make friends with her.
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