I really want to go to an ivy leauge….is this enough

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GPA: 3.8-3.9
SAT: 2110
SAT 2: Have’t taken any yet (plan to take 2-3). on one i will score a 780ish and the other two probably 700ish
Course load: took 4 AP junior year and plan to take 4 Senior year plus 1 self studied. sophomore and freshman year all honors

President of extemporaneous speaking team (3 years)
Student council representative (3 years)
President of peer tutoring program at our school (and a french tutor myself) (3 years)
French club officer (3 years)
Rotary club (4 years)
Basketball (2 years varsity)-probably not going to be recruited
Tennis (4 years varsity)-probably not going to be recruited
Chess Club (3 years)
Math Olympiad (4 years)
Band (4 years)
Theatre (4 years)

Will hopefully become president of the french club for 2 years.

Unique stuff:
I am a published author (relating to my foundation)
Started my own foundation and have affected about 1500 kids with it
Have a hobby where I teach the clarinet to students who want to learn the instrument
study abroad program in Paris, France with seniors as a freshman (My school district (Billerica) has this program which I applied to and got in because of my french skills).
Volunteer every week at a senior citizen center

Do you think this is enough? what should i improve? what else do i have to do?
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Additional Details
In our school, i also founded the extemporaneous speaking team and the peer tutoring program

Youll get in to an ivy league forsure having an SAT score that high is great, keep doing what you are doing don’t slack off, and when its time to apply to these ivy leagues you have to write essays make sure they explain who you are.really.

Harvard can fill its entire entering class with applicants with SAT scores of 2400.

Apply where you want but have sensible backup plans, and that includes the flagship university in your state or province.

What do you mean you want to go to Ivy League? Do you understand that the colleges in the Ivy League are quite different from each other? To say you want to attend an Ivy League says you don’t know anything about them.

Your SAT is too low, to be competitive you want to score at least 2300, 2350 for the top Ivies. Don’t assume what you will score on the SAT Subject tests, especially going by your SAT scores. Many of the SAT Subject tests are mostly quite difficult. If you’re going to take the Math II (Math I isn’t accepted by many top colleges) you will need to study as it’s very difficult but many top students take it and score 800, so an 800 is only the 85th percentile. You really need to study outside of school for the SAT Subject tests.

Is that your unweighted GPA? You’ll need an unweighted 4.0 in the most rigorous classes to be competitive, or very very close. 3.8 unweighted is a problem for the top Ivies. What are your AP scores? They should be all 5′s, maybe one 4, if you want to be competitive for admission.

Have you medaled in Le Grand Concours?

Your extracurriculars aren’t very competitive for the Ivies. What you label as unique activities is what most Ivy applicants have done and much more. Your foundation is a good activity, but it’s best if there is some proof of what you’ve done, like an award from the community. Do you have any state or national awards? The Ivies want Experts. They want a well-rounded student body, not well-rounded students. They want to see extracurriculars with Depth and Focus in your Passion.

Published author doesn’t really count much unless it’s with a major publisher and the book sold well, and even then there is an issue of if the applicant really wrote the book, there have been recent scandals on this so the colleges are wary. If you have a lot of writing that has won recognized awards, that carries more weight.

Speak to your college counselor, ask them for advice and to help you make a plan. Make sure your counselor is aware of your accomplishments within the school so that they can confirm them on the CommonApp section that they fill out. Look into the Ivy colleges to see which ones are actually the right fit for you. Cornell may be your best bet, but your stats are low for them too, unless you’re a recruited athlete.

Use your summer wisely, study for the SAT to retake in October. Participate in a summer program related to your future major or profession. Do community service. Work on your Common App.

It is a good idea to apply to 3 Safeties (colleges your counselor says you’re about 100% to get into), 3 Matches (qualified, 50/50 chance), and some Reaches. The Ivies are Reaches even for students with perfect stats and amazing extracurriculars and many state and national awards.

Good luck!

And No, Harvard cannot fill it’s entire class with students with 2400 SAT scores. There are typically only about 360 2400′s, 253 2390′s, 395 2380′s, 527 2370′s. (2012 College Bound Seniors scores out of about 1.65 million test-takers.) That would almost fill a class, but they have about an 80% yield (admitted applicants that enroll), so they’d have to throw some of the 2360′s in there too. But basically one needs to score above a 2300 to be competitive for Harvard, unless one is a recruited athlete, and if one attends a top high school or is a legacy, one needs even higher.

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