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Hey so Im 15 years old and i am in the 9th grade and im what you call not athletic im not good at sport (well the ones i have tried which are tennis, cheerleading, track, volleyball, ping pong, basketball) but this summer i want to try some activities again so i will have something to do this summer besides say in the house. So the activities i came up with was badmintion, dance, gymnastics(just for fun no competitive)and karate. Can you tell me if these are good activities to try and if so can you think of some for me and oh and by the way one of them has to be a sport
thanks. One more thing can you tell me which style of dance would be good by the way i kind of dont like hip hop

I think these are great activities! I recommend you do at least a month of ballet (2 or more hours a week) before you start any of your other activities. Ballet gives you the strength to do all of the other activities, so you can bet better at them, especially gymnastics, which you need to have at least a little dance experience in before you start.

Hey, you never know, you may become really good at these and go to the Olympics some day! Or for dance, you may work at the Kirov or Joffery! :)

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