Lost bet but how do i get away with this

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I was in a tennis bet with 3 girls and the forfeit was to wear this incredibly hot victorian outfit for a day and work as a servant to the other three – it has a bodice which really enhances the breasts and it’s like a maid outfit cos it has an apron at the bottom, but would look incredible on any of the girls. Trouble is that I lost the bet and I was convinced it was bound to be one of them!! What do I do to get out of it? I can’t possibly wear it – i don’t even have the cleavage that the other three do!
Kenzie – i’m not self conscious about my cleavage – i’m a guy!

1) Its not about your body in that, don’t be so self conscience, I doubt one of them would be overly joyed at the thought of them wearing it either

2) Most the time if you’re lucky and you don’t see the specific people involved for a while you can get away with it, and they will forget
However due to the fact it’s three of them and you, I doubt it will be forgotten

Just go with it have fun and don’t take it seriously. Bets are hilarious and make good stories

That actually sounds funny, no offense. But if you are THAT self conscience about your cleavage, invest in a push up bra that is for “perfect cleavage.” That’ll do the trick. (:

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