Much help needed. Lost a bet but how do i do this outfit

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Lost a tennis bet on wimbledon. My forfeit is to wear a stuffed padded bra to DD size under my clothing while we go shopping in bluewater. I can wear what i want otherwise – i think the prank is just that i’m gonna have a huge pair of boobs under whatever it is. What can I wear that won’t draw attention to it?
(I did think a huge thick jumper but it’s really too hot for that for a day)
actually in response to one answer – i did wonder about just dressing like a girl and making fun of the whole thing. but what the hell would i wear in that case?
yes rachael – i’m a guy – that’s the problem!!

I would just wear a sweatshirt

If you just wear quite loose clothing and cross your arms over your chest?

Pick the most baggy thing you can find and wear it. Either that or dress up completely like a girl and make a really big thing of it to make it seem like an act. My fav’s the second choice! GOOD LUCK!!!

Wait are you a guy or girl, as this question was asked by a James??

Hmm anyway I’m going to take it that you’re a girl
To be honest I’m a very hourglass shape…I’m super skinny with a 30/32G bra size and a big but
So just embrace it and wear something to flatter a larger chest
Be lucky you can have that for one day I’m 15 and stuck with it haha

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