Tennis bet on wimbledon won already! BF must pay – pick his forfeit costume please

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BF thought nadal would win wimbledon – but he’s out already! The winner of the bet was going to pick the loser’s costume for a party in a few weeks time – any suggestions?

Why on earth would your boyfriend bet on Nadal of all players? The guy got beat by Rosol in the 2nd round last year and Djokovic has been dominating him off of clay.

You should make your boyfriend cross dress for choosing a dumb pick like that. Make him dress up like a girl.

make him dress up as a girl lol

A man-kini. (aka: thong bikini)

Suffice it to say: it is a tiny piece as worn by Sacha Baron Cohen. It is a thong, WITH shoulder straps! BRUTAL for any dude to wear*.

* ~ except for Sacha ;)

Make him wear Pin up girl dress. You should have fun when he does that…..
LOL – some guys learn placing wrong bets at wrong time.

Make him dress up like the loser he choose or as a women’s tennis player.

If he is muscular, have him dress like Serena…..:)

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