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Ok so me and my friends were playing a game we made up called ‘Perfect Girlfriend’ it’s where you answer as many questions as you can before the timer runs out, about your crush. so apparently, I was the winner so I’m now considered the "perfect girlfriend" for my crush, Jake. But since I made a dumb bet with my idiot friend, Haley, (She tricked me! she told me she didn’t know how to play Wii tennis!) So now I have no choice but to kiss Jake on the lips in front of our 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Jones and the entire class!!! And if I don’t, Haley will tell Jake that I think his six pack is hot!!!!! (Yes, Jake has a six pack, since he works out, and plays football) What should I do?!?!?!

tell him yourself and get over it

This won’t matter a year from now

I wouldn’t worry even if she does tell him that you like his six pack. It’d probably make him like you.

Okay look at your choices… choice 1. You humiliate yourself in front of a teacher and your crush (unless he likes you than that portion is good) option 2. you either a. get embarrassed, b. he doesn’t care or c. you can tell him she was kidding… and if he likes you it would all work out anyways and option 2 would have no cons… I’m just saying option 2 seems better but the choice is yours! Also your friend might not even do it so option 2 might not even happen

Personally I think telling him you like him is less embarrassing than kissing him but that’s just an opinion! Anyways I would shut this Haley up by instead of kissing him walking up and telling him you have a crush on him and then even if she does tell him you like his six pack it won’t matter as much. That’s what I would do! Good Luck!!

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