What is that noise that Maria Sharapova makes supposed to be

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She is very beautiful, at least she is when she is playing tennis, and I imagine having sexual intercourse with her might be a pleasurable experience.
But….. that noise. What is that all about ?

Bonus question : How long is it going to take her to crawl on her hands and knees from Wimbledon to Scotland so she can knock on my door and beg my forgiveness for defeat in the 2nd round ?

  • Are you referring to the grunt? She tends to make a “whoooooooo” sound before hitting each shot; however that is very helpful to her tennis game by tightening then loosening her muscles before swinging.
  • I believe she is contractually obligated to do her trademark tennis grunt-moan as part of her sponsorship deal with Maxim.

    Sex with her pleasurable? Hmm… that never occurred to me… but you might be right!

  • Don’t think about having sex with Maria Sharapova. It angers me.
  • It’s horrifying!……ly awesome.
  • That’s her version of making sweet “Sugarpova” music . . . she is grunting / shrieking to assist her in a quicker recovery between points.

    I think she would have to apologize a long time to be able to get past her performance today . . . truthfully the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club should take some of the credit since those lawns are greasy and slippery.

  • As much as I like her game, she gives it all out win or loss. But her shrieks are annoying to a fan.
    If she is so loud of the court – it for you to guess how loud she can be when she is in the bedroom. That is all I got to say.

    BQ – You may need to wait forever. I can assure on that.

  • My, you’re sort of a little pervy aren’t you? Mmmmm… I kinda like that in a Duck..
    About Maria though, I personally, can take her or leave her.. But I like her tennis game.
  • She makes a whroooo sound. Orgasmic. No, you have no hopes.
  • how much you wanna bet she barely makes a peep in the bedroom? she loves rituals and routines, i imagine sex with her to be very boring
  • A cat in heat.
  • You mean the sound of two corduroy pant legs rubbing against each other? That’s what tennis lip friction sounds like. The other noises are just her lungs whistling.
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