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Ever since I was seven years old there was one thing in my head that I wanted to do when I grew up and that was to be a model. My mom now tells me that random people used to stop her in the street telling her to put my sister and I in modeling. She wanted us to have a normal childhood so we joined dance ,soccer,tennis,etc. As I grew older I realized I wanted it more and more. Im sick of seeing people my age and younger becoming successful ,and I’m just sitting here watching. Modeling is all I think about every single day. Random people still come up to me every day telling me I should do modeling,or ask if I am a model. Teachers have told my mom that I look like a super star,I have the look. I should go into acting,singing,etc. Im recently turned 18, i feel my time is running out. I know I have what it takes to be a model,its just I send my photos in on line to agencies and they reply back with" send more photos in" or nothing at all. Could everyone I have met be wrong when they tell me that I should model? Im starting college in the fall,im attending ARt college. I love art but its not what i want to do. I would rather go to art school then go to regular college ,but i feel as if Im settling for less then what I want. I am at a crossword. What should i do ?

If an agency tells you to send in more photos, it means they think you have potential but need to see more to see how you photograph. There are plenty of people who look good in person but are not photogenic, and vice versa. We all have pretty friends who never look good in photos, and average looking friends who look amazing in photos. Being photogenic is not the same as being pretty – it depends on your bone structure
Your best bet is to see if any agencies near you have Open Calls. This is a set time where you can go to the agency, be seen by an actual agent, and told on the spot if you are model material or not, or if there is anything you can do to improve your chances – gain or lose weight, tone up, get a nose job, see a dermatologist, fix your teeth, whatever. If you ask they will be very honest with you

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