Really nervous about day camp!? Help! It’s tomarrow

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I have my first day camp tomarrow and the activities are really cool but I’ve never really been to regular day camp I’ve only been to soccer, tennis and hockey camp. I am really worried I won’t make friends. There are 24 people my age in the group. Nobody will talk to me I bet and I’m SO nervous! I will be alone! Plus a bus comes and picks me up so when I get picked up I will have nowhere to sit and I feel really uncomfortable starting convos with people I’m really shy and I doubt anyone will come up and talk to me. I don’t know what to do its tomarrow. And they have swim time I bet I will be sitting by myself while
Everyone else is friends. Tomarrow isn’t the first day the first day was Wednesday last week but I was on vacation. I bet everyone made friends already and honestly
I’m just freaking out. Can anyone share experiences of their own or just tell me
What to do or what regular day camp is actually like? Please help! 10 points best answer!

Panda, don’t worry! It’s true, kids may have friends but most likely someone will introduce themself. There’s always that kind, outgoing person that will notice you and ask you to join their group. On the bus, find an empty seat. Before sitting down ask, “Is this seat taken?” If they reply yes, keep looking but don’t feel upset. If they reply no, sit down. You don’t have to introduce yourself, but if you do you’ll instantly make a friend.
I went to a camp for a week and it was one of my favorite experiences! Everyone was extremely friendly. I stayed in a cabin with the cabin leader, three girls I didn’t know, and one girl from my class (who I wasn’t exactly friends with). During that time, we all became best friends and almost cried when we left each other. I also became closer to the girl that was in my class that I wasn’t previously friends with.
If no one will talk to you (which I highly doubt) being by yourself is still pretty awesome. Do your own thing. Act like you’re having fun so people will come join you. Good luck at day camp! (:

I understand. Once I was going to camp. I was very shy & nervous. None went to my school & none were my age . But me being shy & nervous , was common . I met a couple of friends. They were too. & they even told me not to be . They were company. Just sit on the bus & where something cute & you might get complimented :)

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