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So my girlfriend of 3 and a half months broke up with me last night and I really don’t know if there is any chance of us getting back together or whether I should try to move on. This is the text (I don’t mind that she did it by text as this is just one from a whole conversation…it wasn’t out of the blue) : "I didn’t really want to do it by text but I think we should break up? I’m sorry but I feel bad dragging you along while I don’t know how I feel…and it’s clich√© but I still really want to be friends because I love spending time with you? :-/" – she broke up with me because she wasn’t romantically interested in me, even though she has been in the past before we were going out but it’s a long story…

So I replied saying that it was ok and I understood and I said that i’d try my best to be friends with her (even though i’m probably going to find it really difficult to view her as just a friend) and I also said that I hope she finds someone who feels the same way about her as I did. She replied to that with this: "I’m so sorry, i’ll never forgive myself. You deserve someone so much better than me who loves you and doesn’t talk a load of mundane crap and have anxiety problems because you’re the sweetest, greatest guy ever and I can’t apologise enough for this". She says she hates herself for not liking me but it’s all just a little confusing for me.

So anyway I was wondering if there was anything I could do to maybe get her back because i’m crazy about her and I think she is perfect…or whether there’s no chance and I should try to move on and get used to her being a friend? Also i’m going to be seeing her at tennis later and I was wondering how I should act around her also?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks :)

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If I were you, I would start moving on now…. she just doesnt have those feelings for you.
If you stay friends with her be prepared to see her with her new bf. Whenever that will be.

I imagine that would be really tough…. :(
The upside is you can always find someone else

Your best bet is to just be her friend and be supportive for her. After awhile share that you still have feelings for her and say that you can’t just be friends with her. Let her know that you want to be more than friends with her and give her some time to give you a definite no or yes regarding if she wants to or not. It seems like this girl really did want to like you because of what a nice guy you are but it seems like she just couldn’t feel anything romantic towards you. This is in no way your fault or hers, it’s just life and she did the right thing by breaking off your relationship if she felt she was just “dragging” you along. If you follow my advice there is a chance that you could win her back, but would you really want to? I know you have strong feelings for her now but they will pass eventually (although that seems incredulous). I believe you’d be better off finding someone who treats you properly and feels romantically towards you. You deserve better than someone who is just “dragging you along” and who you have to convince has feelings towards you. Whatever you do I wish you good luck :)

Unfortunately you need to start moving on. If those feelings aren’t there then there’s no point. Even if she had the feelings in the past, they are gone now and it’s unlikely they’ll come back. I was with a perfect guy once but I just didn’t see him in a romantic way, and it was a dead end relationship. He treated me so well but at the end of the day the feelings weren’t there. I’m sure she hates herself for not being able to feel that way about you, but I guess you can’t force love.
It’s a shame, but move on and find someone that does feel that way about you.

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