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This summer and fall season will be the first time that I do cross country at my school. The only other sport that I’ve done, though, is tennis, so I don’t have any proper shoes for running. The tryouts are at the end of summer, right before school starts, and before then are pre-season practices to condition us. The coach told me that I could probably make the team, and I’m pretty determined to keep going to practices before tryouts. How much should I spend on shoes if I haven’t even made the team yet? Should I go ahead and get a really nice pair from Brooks or Asics?

Sorry the question’s a bit long! :)

If you’re really serious about running a lot then your probably going to want to get some good running shoes. Try checking out http://www.eastbay.com/ they have some pretty reasonably priced running shoes.

Best bet is to go to a proper running store and ask them to fit you with a pair of shoes that match the way your move your feet (called your gait).

If you are a mid-foot striker, I HIGHLY recommend the New Balance Minimus 10 Trail Running Shoes. These shoes will really help develop your feet and are the best shoes I have ever run in, bar-none.

Besides that, get a pair of Asics: but be sure to get a pair that matches your gait.

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