Does betting on different outcomes of a match violate bookie rules

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For example if I were to bet on a tennis match that had 4/1 odds, then the odds happen swing the other way half way through the match and I put a bet on the other person so I’m guaranteed to profit..
It this not acceptable?

  • Its acceptable. Because the odds changed because of the way the match is played between the players. It could change in your favor, but it could not. You can bet on anything the bookie offers, anytime.
  • No, and it also doesn’t guarantee you a profit.
  • Of course it is acceptable it is what betting in play is all about,prices change very quickly but it is not so easy to decide what to do.For instance if you back Brazil tonight and they score an early goal or two do you back italy and draw for a guaranteed (small)profit or let it ride?
  • The only problem I can see is if you’re betting humongous sums and you violate a rule about how much you’re allowed to wager on a single event.

    If in any doubt, you could always place the second bet with a different bookie.

  • It’s perfectly legal to bet on both outcomes.
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