Im not loseing any fat in my body? someone help? :/

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I am 15 years old and i weigh 220 and im 5’5
I have been trying to lose weight for 2 months now last month i took a walk everyday and went swimming on weekands with friends. I live in Flroida so its very very hot here in the summer and i really dont like going outside because its just way to hot so ive been doing work outs inside like sit ups , push ups, etc. etc.

The foods i eat i have been eating alot of apples, bananas, salads and drinking ALOT of water like 2 big glasses of water everyday im cutting back on some of my fatty foods and i dont have any junk food just heathy stuff everyday.

Heres my problem….IM NOT LOSEING WEIGHT???!!! I dont know what im doing wrong?…ive been still the same weight after everything ive done i dont understand? i step on a scale and it eather stays the same or goses up by 2 pounds everyday…since the past week i have been thinking about starving myself and i know its very unhealthy but i just dont know what to do anymore?…. :/

try weight loss pills im on them

You need lots and lots of exercise! I understand you dislike the heat but that’s what will help you! The more you sweat and get your heart beating the more calories you will burn! Swimming a few times a day and walking won’t do much, and turn burn a lot of calories doing sit-ups, push-ups ect. You have to do many sets of them. Also, drink more water. At least 8 glasses a day, drink a glass before and after meals. The more water you drink the less hungry you will feel. Make a routine and start counting the calories you consume and you will definitely see an improvement!

Exercise is just one component of weight loss. A far bigger component is changing the way you eat.

Choosing the right foods is step one. Eating reasonable portions is step two.

It’s great that you’ve eliminated junk food, but simply cutting back on those fatty foods (which taste so good!) is not enough. They need to be removed from your diet, reserved for special occasions only.

Try this for one week, not cheating a single time, okay? Every day you have to eat 1500 calories and you cannot eat more than 1800 calories. You have to weigh or measure your portions and figure out the calories *before* you eat. Everything that goes in your mouth counts, even if it’s one peanut, a pat of margarine, or a half-stalk of celery. Look up counts at CalorieKing or LiveStrong, both free.

As you know, filling up on fruits and veggies is great, but the calorie limit is going to hit you with carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, peas, pasta, corn, bread, and crackers, and again with proteins.Make sure you have two servings of low-fat dairy daily. Drink your water. If you can, get a half hour of mild (or harder) exercise five days a week. (A walk in the cool of the morning?)

Portion control is vital here. If you cannot weigh or measure, go with carbs no bigger than a tennis ball and proteins no bigger than a deck of cards. An ounce of cheese is the size of a flash drive. Weigh baked goods, because a muffin or cookie can vary hugely.

You can have anything you want, but you have to count its calories and stay within your range. You can’t save calories from one day to use another day. Each day, you have to eat between 1500 and 1800, and you must weigh and measure everything, even if it’s used in cooking and not visible, like corn starch or frying oil.

I bet you will lose. And I’ll be proud of you when you do!

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