Am I too late for the Summer Olympics

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Hey Everyone, my name is Michael, I’m 18 yrs old, and I’m 6’4. I have a dream ever since I was a little kid to be in the Olympics. However, with school and life, I never got the chance. Now is my big break, and my chance to make something big out of myself. I have a strong passion for swimming, tennis, cross country and track and field. I’ve been on various school sports for the above sports in the past. I’m athletic and I train hard. I give over 100% effort each time making sure I don’t come out in 2nd. The question is, can I still train for the Olympics? Is there a sport that I wouldn’t be too late to try out for, and possibly make the summer Olympics?? Thanks for the help and information!
Dream Big – Michael.

  • You do realize that being 6’4″ and athletic doesn’t automatically get you into the Olympics? You’re 6″ taller than Jamaica’s Yohan Blake, but I bet he’s faster than you.

    I suggest you pick a sport and focus on that. Enter a local swim meet / track meet / road race / tennis ladder and find out how you stack up against real competition. Before winning on a global level, what you do say you win on a local level?

    Realize this: At a national level, the competition will be people who have dedicated their lives to their craft. They’re about your age, but they’ve been training really hard for 10+ years, and they’re not about to let their Olympic dreams die without a fight. But hey, if you think you can be a Johnny-come-lately and smoke them all, by all means, do it.

  • The fact that you don’t even know what sport you want to do is a problem. These people have been doing what they do since they were 2-8 years old, and have been having proffesional training by the time they were 8. They moved so that they could train with the best coaches in the world, and they spend time at the gym and such for a minimum of 18 hours a week. They were homeschooled to make time for training, and they eat live and breathe their sport. These people are the best in the WORLD. Now if you think you can just pick up a sport and beat people who are doing this all their lives, good luck.
  • No ,you’re not too late if you got what it takes. Your goal seems a bit too lofty, but keep dreamin’ anyway.
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